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Radiodifusiˇ Catalana (Catalan Broadcasting), initiated in 1987, (web) in Melbourne, a radio program in Catalan with segments in English. The association, incorporated within the public broadcaster, 3ZZZ Ethnic Public Radio, ceased its activities in 20006.

Subsequently, the tasks led by our group were minimized and we considered the option of dissolving it.

However, we thought it was important to keep the organization, but with a very small structure and continue to contribute to the fight for the national liberation of our people.

TThe permanent core of Catalan Broadcasting members continues the task on the Internet maintaining this website and publishing the Australian version of Vilaweb, one of the main web-based newspaper in Catalonia.

The social activity of the Catalan community in Melbourne is, for the last few years, well served by the Casal CatalÓ de Victoria. An organization with which we have no link, apart from being members of it in a personal capacity.

We recommend visiting the Casal if you want to get in touch with people who value and appreciate the language and culture of Catalonia. You can start taking a look at the website of the association.